About Restoration Services

Conservation and Restoration of Fine Art Objects

Conservation and restoration are different but both are useful. Conservation heals and protects works of art. It always asks the question “How can we preserve this object?” It is scientifically aware of the chemistry of materials and their degradation.

At Restoration Services, conservation is the foundation of all our work. It has led us to develop three types of sandpaper that are safer for softer materials. It leads us to formulate all our paints from conservational acrylics and the most light-stable pigments available.

We are also artists, and we bring this sensitivity to the art we work on. This is the province of restoration. We are aware of the age and the reverence of fine antiques, allowing us to go where the original artist went, and to recreate what has been lost or damaged. Combining conservation with sensitivity is the challenge and the delight of our work. It is the blending of science and art.