We have seen countless examples of Handel lamp shades over the years. The earlier forms depict expertly painted landscapes that glow from within. Reverse painted enamel creates a sense of depth when viewed through the delicately patterned exterior and the light often resembles that of the setting sun.

This particular shade came to us in dozens of pieces, but we have dealt with much worse. We reassembled every last piece provided to us, including some as small as a grain of rice, and the reconstructed shade was almost indistinguishable from the finished example shown above. However, we chose to go even further, filling every missing chip with a non-yellowing optical epoxy that matches the reflectivity of the glass. After carving, texturing, and coloring the fillings, the shade was complete. Due to its translucent nature, glass can rarely be restored invisibly, but we brought this piece as close as possible to its original condition.

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