A leading expert in cloisonne authenticated that this tray is an unsigned piece by Namikawa Sosuke and, even more remarkably, a photographic example of a similar tray that is based on the same artwork by the artist Watanabe Seitei. Most specialists will confidently attribute this tray to the Tokyo branch of Shippo Gaisha, managed by Namikawa Sosuke.

We initially cleaned and bleached the cracks, taking care not to damage the patina of the metalwork. We bent the rim back into shape and sealed the cracks to preserve the integrity of the enamel. Although the steps taken minimized the appearanceĀ of the damage, there were still chips of enamel missing and evidence of the cracks remained slightly visible. At this point the decision was made to restore the piece invisibly. We made every effort to ensure that the entire process would be completely reversible without damaging the piece, preserving the object in its current state while allowing it to be displayed in near original condition.

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