This “Sunburst Snuff Jar,” manufactured in Keene, New Hampshire, sometime between 1815 and 1830, is one of the most sought-after glass bottles by collectors. We’ve had the pleasure of working on two of these bottles. Unfortunately, all but a couple still in existence are damaged in one way or another.

This example came to us with a fairly sizable crack that had quite a dramatic impact on how the bottle displayed. Glass has a tendency to be somewhat unpredictable when it comes to this type of repair, so we were thrilled to see the results as we carefully sealed the crack with an optical epoxy: In this case, the damage almost completely disappeared! Compared to other examples of this particular bottle that we’ve seen, this one now stands among the most pristine.

We have brought pieces of early American glass closer to their original condition than they have been in as many as 200 years. Whether it’s a sugar bowl, a flask, or an ink bottle, cracks and missing pieces are no problem for our skilled restorers.


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