Glass Projects

Murano Glass Vase

This Murano glass vase had broken off cleanly at the neck. Adhering it back with our optical epoxy produced an almost invisible repair that is stronger than the original glass. If, God forbid, it should ever break again, our experience shows that it will break along different lines.

Daum Glass Flower Candlesticks

These Daum glass flowers were reassembled with optical epoxy, then filled with a colored optical epoxy and coated to recreate the satin texture of the original. Our rating of repairs called this a “near invisible” repair, which is quite good for glass repairs.

Japanese Antique Cloisonne Vase

This 19th century Japanese vase is 12” tall and had a dent about 1-1/2” across from which most of the enamel was missing. We can restore cloisonne to a high degree of invisibility. Cloisonne is constructed on copper vessels onto which thin copper or silver, or sometimes gilded, wires are soldered. These wires create the cells, or cloisons, that are filled with crushed colored glass that is then fused into the enamel that covers these pieces. The final step, not ...

Cut Crystal Dish

Thick, cut crystal is a common casualty of large holiday gatherings. Brought out for use only once a year, they are sometimes cleaned late at night by weary relatives who do not know their susceptibility to sudden temperature change. Thus either sudden immersion in hot water – or being filled with ice-cold punch – can cause the shock that will crack such pieces. The good news is that such breaks are generally clean, and fit together quite well. The complexity of the ...