stone Projects

Alabaster Bust

Alabaster is one of the softer materials we work with. Even the specially formulated sandpaper developed by our studio will damage the surface. It takes patience and a steady hand to restore something of this nature without detracting from the translucency and amber color that the stone acquires over time. We use durable, non-yellowing adhesives and color-matched, translucent fillers for a quality restoration that will stand the test of time without discoloring or deteriorating.

St. Paul Church Statue

The two fingers of the Jesus in this statue were broken off and stolen. The gestures on such statues are very specific, and as this sculpture had been carved specifically for this church, we were able to solicit a photograph of the original sculpture from the congregation. Work on site would have been disruptive to the church, so we made a silicone rubber cast of the broken hand, and took it back to our studio. From the photograph we were ...