Tiffany Projects

Tiffany Glass Pendant Shade


This is a Tiffany glass globe that broke out on the side. Although we had all the pieces, the simplicity of the final surface made the assembled pieces quite obvious. Even though the optical epoxy made the seams almost disappear, there was a slight surface expression of the seams. The next step was to mask off the surface to limit the extent of our coating. Then we airbrushed several clear coats – first to completely cover the seams, then to polish the ...

Tiffany Crystal Sail


Working with a chip in a large, clear glass sculpture can evoke a creative solution. Any chip or deep scratch attracts attention to itself, and the whole piece completely loses its aesthetic impact, because it depends on clean simplicity. With such a pieces we have a variety of options, from filling the chips with an optical epoxy, to regrinding and polishing the scratched surface – to imperceptibly lowering the rim of a glass to remove a chip. In this case, however, there ...