"I've been delighted with  both restoration tasks you have accomplished on my behalf. On both projects, the work itself was remarkable - in that it is impossible to see any signs of the breakage I needed fixed. One challenge was ceramic and one was stone - two different materials...! On top of the work, your customer relations both times were A+ courteous, timely, efficient and thoughtful. While I hope to not need your services again, I would gladly avail myself of them if necessary and certainly would recommend you! I am most grateful!!"

R. Berle
"The doll dishes were delivered to my apartment last evening, and I opened the box today, they are just great! I very carefully unwrapped each piece and examined it. I am amazed that I could not find any signs of cracks , chips or seams. Mr Dale has done a superb job of repairing them, and I would recommend him to anyone here who has a valuable piece of China to be repaired. They also match the other pieces that were not damaged in the accident, and the cover (that I didn't send as is wasn't damaged) for the small pedestal dish fits on it very well. As I put the repaired dishes with the undamaged ones, I cannot tell (except that I know which ones were repaired) one from the other. I am very happy with them."

M. Kranich
"Wonderful job!!!!! Please thank whoever the most talented person (persons) are that worked on the pendant for us! It is so nice to have it around my neck again looking good as new!"

C. Henson
"Received repaired wine glass today in good shape. Excellent work! Thank you and thanks to whoever worked on it."

R. Harrington
"Thank you so much! We received the plate and it is wonderful to have it back in place! Even though we know it has been damaged our eye is not drawn to the spot! Thank you for a wonderful job! So nice to know your excellent service exists. I will be sure to share with friends!! Be well."

K. Brumit
"The  beautiful icon arrived yesterday looking just lovely. Of course it now has a place of honor above my living room sofa. I am very happy with it - Thank you!"

F. Tyler
"Thank you so much!!! I put the plate in the holder, and no one will ever know what had happened to it. I'm glad I didn't throw it out. Fantastic repair!"

J. Pederson
"Our three pieces arrived and we are very pleased with the work you did. They are perfectly beautiful, we didn't know what a difference the repairs would make! Thank you. It has been a pleasure to work with you through the entire process, from initial inquiry to receiving the beautifully repaired pieces."

B & J Mackenzie
"Received the glass lid yesterday... It looks great... Can only see where it was broken because I know where to look. Thank you so much for your services and great contact throughout this process. I hope I don't need your services again but you never know so you are on my contact list. I do appreciate your great customer service."

A. Ungerer
"We received the owl, and I just wanted to say thanks for the great job. I am very pleased with the restoration work."

D. McMurry