"I wanted to thank each of you for your personal and expert services recently on the repair of my products. I am overwhelmed by the pleasant nature of everyone and the professional and courteous manner in which I was treated. I felt part of the Restoration Services family rather than a client. The products repaired look as new as the day they were made. Expert repair and service combined into one! Thank you."

E. Berardinelli
"Thank you for the wonderful work and excellent customer service!"

D. Lindsey
"I just received the China pieces you fixed for me. I can't express what a beautiful and unreal job you did on the two plates you fixed. You are incredible and your work perfect. Thank you."

L. Bartlett
"The plate arrived last evening. I had come very near to throwing the 6 pieces away out of sadness. Thankfully I did not because it is now whole and I'll enjoy it for many years. It is quite lovely and I am happy with the repairs. Thank you all."

J. Haley
"I am writing to thank the restorers for the wonderful job done to repair my Steuben glass seahorse. I wouldn't have believed it could be repaired so well. It is now back in its display case where its beauty will continue to be appreciated by all who see it. Thank you again for a job well done!"

N. Krieg
"Got the bowl and it looks great, thank you so much. I truly hope we do not need your services again, but if we do, it's great to know you exist!!!"

E. Wharton
"My bowl arrived today in perfect condition. The restoration work is beautiful! Thank you so much!"

L. Barney
"My repaired Steuben vase arrived safely yesterday. I am delighted! Thank you so much for your services. It was a pleasure to deal with Restoration Services."

M. Solie
"I wanted to say thank you for the beautiful restoration to the frame on my painting. I have hung it and it is lovely. I appreciate the wonderful work and this brilliant skill that is known as perfection restoring special treasures. Thank you so very kindly."

G. Smith
"Received the stopper and you guys did outstanding work! I'm going to show it to the antique dealer where I bought the globe, very impressive."

J. Guyther