Working with a chip in a large, clear glass sculpture can evoke a creative solution. Any chip or deep scratch attracts attention to itself, and the whole piece completely loses its aesthetic impact, because it depends on clean simplicity.

With such a pieces we have a variety of options, from filling the chips with an optical epoxy, to regrinding and polishing the scratched surface – to imperceptibly lowering the rim of a glass to remove a chip.

In this case, however, there was no way to keep the original form intact – the chip was too large and the form too simple. Instead, being artists, we re-interpreted the idea of a full sail, to express the curve that the sail might have had in a strong wind. A slight curve was marked out on the previously straight spine, and a new bevel was ground and polished that expressed the curve of a full spinnaker. The top was reground slightly, and the net effect completely erased the unsightly chip.

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